3/25/23 - horizon, nyc
8/12/23 - spark, sf
7/15/23 - alpine, slc
1/1/23 -
epoch, dehli ncr
7/5/22 - assemble, sf
5/28/23 -
angelhacks, boston
Hack Club



October 28 • Burlington, VT

Harvest is a coding party Ghost

Harvest is a social coding event open to all middle and high school students. We’ll come together for a day to discover the joy of code, build creative projects, and share them with the world!

Harvest is organized in public by teenagers just like yourself at Hack Club - and we want you to contribute! Join us in the #harvest channel on the Hack Club Slack to help craft this event into something truly magical.

I have questions... Ghost

How much does it cost?

Harvest is entirely free! Everything from snacks to dinner to the incredible swag we’ll get is covered by Hack Club and Girl Scouts.

I have no clue how to code. Can I still come?

Yes! Harvest is beginner-friendly, and we’ll be holding workshops to get you started building your first coding projects.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll just need your laptop (school computers work)! If you don’t have a laptop, reach out at harvest@hackclub.com.

When/Where is Harvest?

Harvest is being held from 1pm-8pm on Saturday, October 28. It’s at Karma Bird House in Burlington, VT!

Help! My parents are worried.

We’re here to help! Ask them to email harvest@hackclub.com, and we’ll answer any questions they have.

I have another question!

Feel free to reach out! You can either send a message in the #harvest channel in the Hack Club Slack or send us an email at harvest@hackclub.com!